Ivan Introuduce~

I love collecting coins,banknotes and stamps.If you are interested in exchanging real posted FDCs,new issued stamp(S),coins or banknotes with me. If you want to swap stamped postcards or coins with me, feel free to email me at : ivan-wong@live.hk Thank you!


REC Envelope from Malaysia

This the private swap~ and currency tag~
REC: 14/08/2012

REC Netherlands

Sent on: 7 Aug, 2012
Received on: 14 Aug, 2012

REC Guernsey,UK

Well, this is a self-made card sent to my sister from Guernsey.
My sister don't collect postcard,however,she makes this card on certain website.
The front is just a picture of a Korean pop star(so I don't post it)
well,hope will recive a card from Guernsey someday ^^

Guernsey officially the Bailiwick of Guernsey is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. (( from wikipedia))

REC Envelope from Canada


Taiwan Postcard

rec China

postmark 2012/08/05
sent by my friend from Dongguan,Canton,China

rec Vietnam

Sent 08/08/2012
rec 11/08/2012
sent by my friend who travelled to Vietnam

REC Korea(South)

sent01/08/2012 rec 11/08/2012
private swap from Incheon,Korea

REC Ireland

RR~pc forum

First two is TW-629038,sent by Jiayi,Taiwan
and other two is a thanks card of private swap,sent by a member from Tw postcrossing forum(fb)