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FDC from India

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If you want to swap stamped postcards
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Taiwan(R.O.C)~First day of issue: 2010-07-07

First day of issue: 2010-07-07
Chinese Classic Novel “Journey to the West” Postage Stamps (Issue of 2010)
In order to present the beauty of Chinese classic literature, Chunghwa Post is following up with a new set of four stamps on Chinese classic novel “Journey to the Wes,t” “Complete Enlightenment,” “Sun Wukong Wreaks Havoc in Heaven,” “Dreaming of Beheading the Jing River Dragon King,” and “Stealing the Ginseng Fruits.” The designs follow:

1. Complete Enlightenment (NT$ 5): The monkey king of Mt. Huaguo in the Water Curtain Cave, desiring immortality, made off to the Three Star Cave to study under the Buddhist Patriarch Subodhi, who gave him the name Sun Wukong, and from whom he learned secrets of magic. Later, because Sun would recklessly show off his magic, Subodhi renounced
him as a student. Furthermore, Subodhi gave him a pointer: “Whence one comes, one returns.”
2. Sun Wukong Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (NT$5): The Jade Emperor conveyed on Sun Wukong the title “Great Sage Equal of Heaven,” and sent him off to administer the garden of Queen Mother of the West’s peaches of immortality. Sun stole and ate some peaches, pills of immortality and wine prepared for Heaven’s Peach Festival. The Jade Emperor dispatched his forces to capture him and the monkey was imprisoned in Mt. Wuhang by Tathagata.
3. Dreaming of Beheading the Jing River Dragon King (NT$12): The Jing River Dragon King disobeyed the Jade Emperor’s directive to create rain. Consequently, the emperor sent Wei Zheng to behead the Dragon King, and the Dragon King appeared in Emperor Tang Taizong’s dream to ask for help. To divert Wei Zheng’s attention, Emperor Tang Taizong invited him to his palace to discuss affairs of state and then play chess. During the game Wei Zheng dozed off, at which time his spirit left his body to behead the dragon.
4. Stealing the Ginseng Fruits (NT$25): The Ginseng fruit was a great treasure of Longevity Mountain. After Sun Wukong and Pigsy were scolded for secretly eating Ginseng fruits, Sun Wukong destroyed the orchard in a fit of pique. Eventually the dew drops of the Goddess of Mercy saved the Ginseng fruit trees.


2.花卉邮票 Stamp Sheetlet to commemorate HK Post 's participation in China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition

Stamp Sheetlet to commemorate HK Post 's participation in China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition



Issue date: 27 November 2008
This set of four stamps is issued in praise of the just and fair legal system in Hong Kong, and features familiar symbols of our Judiciary. Each side of each stamp is equal in length representing equality before the law, and the white background represents a corruption-free society.

4.折纸乐 邮票Children Stamps - Paper Folding Fun

Issue date: 22 May 2008
Paper folding is not merely an interesting activity, but also contributes to the beautiful designs of these stamps. In an effort to encourage children to stretch their imaginations and demonstrate their design talents, Hongkong Post held a "Children Stamps – Paper Folding Design Competition"in 2006. A variety of prize-winning pieces featuring themes related to plants, animals and festivals have been incorporated into the design of the 2008 Children Stamps.

5.参展邮票(布拉格○8年Stamp Sheetlet to Commemorate Hongkong Post's Participation in World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008

Issue date: 12 September 2008
Hongkong Post will participate in the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 to promote the popularity of Hong Kong stamps worldwide. This special artistically rendered stamp sheetlet is issued to commemorate our participation in the event.

6.新疆天山Mainland Scenery Series No. 8: Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang

Issue date: 24 February 2009
Mount Tianshan is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and bordered by turquoise waters and blue skies. Its picturesque scenery is captured in this beautiful stamp sheetlet. The stamp captures the beauty of the Tianchi Lake (meaning heavenly lake), while Glacier No. 1 of Mount Tianshan is the main visual in the stamp sheetlet. The breathtaking scene with the words “Tianshan” (meaning heavenly mountains) in Chinese calligraphy makes this stamp sheetlet another precious collection to treasure in the mainland scenery series.

7.黄龙Mainland Scenery Series No.7 : Huanglong

Issue date: 28 February 2008
Huanglong, Sichuan was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1992. The dragon is a time-honoured icon of China, and Huanlong takes the name of “Yellow Dragon” for the unique locations of its various colorful ponds. If you look carefully at the mountain and its ponds you too might become enchanted and see a golden dragon resting there. The exotic natural beauty of Huanglong is breathtaking and you must not miss this seventh issue in the Mainland Scenery Series.

不要開 弄錯的

8.加拿大 昆虫邮票Beneficial Insects~Canada Post